Hello and welcome to our NDIS Participants and stakeholders!

Are you struggling with implementing your NDIS plan, maximising your budget and finding great services that meet your needs??

Well, you are not alone, many people are!

So, you are wondering what to do and how you can take the stress out of the whole process? Let me give you some knowledge around the role of a Support Coordinator.

Support Coordinators at CareCC have minimum Bachelor in health related disciplines, specialise in NDIS coordination and truly empathise how difficult this really is because find it tough at times at too! But, together we make a great team and walk with you throughout your journey, because lets face it, life is full of surprises and navigating the NDIS an other systems is complex.

Did you know that CareCC understand that individuals are unique and require various forms of assistance. We build your skills, self-confidence, self-independence, support decision-making and implement your goals in your NDIS plan.

We treat all of our Participants with absolute respect as we do our colleagues, team mates and stakeholders.

So, if you are unsure or unclear in any way and feel lost in how to navigate your way through your plan, CareCC will walk alongside in partnership to create a sense of stability, control and self development.

As a result, having a Support Coordinator takes away your stress and the consequence is you  achieve the maximum quality of health care.


You are most welcome to reach out and ask any questions. There are no obligations. We are just passionate about helping others.

Go out and conquer your day smiling.


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